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This blog is dedicated to the best meal of the day.

I do not claim the rights to any of the pictures featured on this blog. But I do claim they are delicious and fun to make~!

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So the main admin, and for a long time the only person who ran this blog has decided to leave us for personal reasons. The blog has been handed down to me. If you’d like to follow our old admin she’s here. But for now, hi I’m Alex. I like to eat desserts and collect recipes I plan on making. I work at an arcade. 

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Anonymous asked: Good Job for trusting Wikipedia :) Oh by the way, LASER is an acronym and oh look, it seems it has been turned into an adjective.

hello i run a dessert blog 

Anonymous asked: Fuck ain't from German, it stands for Forbidden and Unlawful Carnal Knowledge

Wikipedia disagrees, which as a fully fledged underachiever, I consider where all important information is stored :)

Anonymous asked: I'm pretty sure your URL expresses all of our feelings :)

I would agree!~

Remember to submit your favorite recipes (with pictures!) and all the pretty pictures of your delectable concoctions !~